Style Watch: Boyfriend Jeans‏

Boyfriend Jeans

Don’t be fooled by its name – boyfriend jeans are not for boys, boyfriends, or even men! Au contraire, these jeans are actually made for women. Popular AND extremely comfy, it’s no wonder these jeans have made their way to the fashion spotlight.

For those of you that do not know exactly what boyfriend jeans are, here’s an introduction. Boyfriend jeans are a specific cut of women’s jeans that generally have a relaxed fit and straight legs. They are made to look like jeans that you might “borrow” (or steal) from your boyfriend. Simply put, these jeans are the opposite of what skinny jeans would be. Instead of being tight and tapered, boyfriend jeans are loose and baggy.

One thing to keep in mind when buying boyfriend jeans is to make sure you buy a pair that fit well around the waist – otherwise you’ll be experiencing a serious case of saggy-bum syndrome.

I paired my high-waisted Zara boyfriend jeans with a simple white T, and my black BCBG draped blazer. Pairing boyfriend jeans with a styled blazer creates a more refined look. I cuffed my jeans at the bottom to meet perfectly with my black-laced booties from Forever 21. To transition this outfit from day to night, add a pair of high-heels to make this look more evening appropriate!

Midi Skirt Madness‏

White DressThis Fall trend has not lost its fashion momentum yet. Midi skirts are coming back, and just in time for Spring 2014. If you don’t own one yet, here’s the time to consider picking one up!

A midi skirt by definition hits “mid” leg. So, this type of skirt should hit around the knee, or slightly below (1-2 inches). A little longer and you get into the tea-length or maxi categories. This skirt is often criticized by many women for its incompatibility. Let me explain further; unless you have model-like height, this skirt can shorten the length of your leg, making you appear shorter than you actually are. But, if this skirt works with your body proportions, I highly recommend one for your closet. If this skirt does not work with your proportions… still consider getting one. A pair of heels will work wonders to counteract and extend the look of your legs.

I am pictured here wearing a pleated midi skirt from Zara. There are many different variations of this skirt from Forever 21, H&M, BCBG, and even Club Monaco. Zara’s version is coated with 100% polyurethane which makes it silky smooth. Zara’s skirt also comes in two colours, off-white (pictured here) and a nude pink. I prefer the off-white for Spring as it is easier to pair and wear.

I dressed up this skirt with a light lavender silk blouse and a floral statement necklace. I completed the outfit with a nude pair of booties for a little extra height. Overall, a necessary staple to your Spring closet.


Sarah Stevenson for Target Collection

And Target does it again; a new collaboration, with a new collection. This time Target hits a little closer to home – Canadian soil to be specific. Sarah Stevenson, winner of the “Toronto Fashion Incubator New Labels Competition”, was presented the opportunity to design an exclusive clothing line for the giant department store. Although very similar to its predecessor collection, Peter Pilotto, Sarah Stevenson takes classic styles and gives them a modern twist. Sarah Stevenson used her fashion background towards her new line, which highlights opulent fabrics, ornate floral patterns, and feminine cuts. Inspired by her environment, Sarah blends youthful and romantic characteristics into one exquisite collection, limited to Target. The collection is available now in select stores across Canada.

I have put together a couple outfits with some of my favourite Sarah Stevenson pieces to give you a closer look at the fashion line:

1.        Printed Placket & Collar Blouse and Oxford Blue Satin Pants: 

Striped Shirt

A great workday outfit for any business professional. What I love most about this top is its simplicity, with just a little touch of flair along the collar, sleeves, and front closure. The pop of colour against the white canvas brings excitement to an ordinary staple outfit. Plus, the satin of these oxford blue pants feel amazing against the skin; after a long day’s work, you can’t help but keep them on for your night-out activities.

2.        Chiffon Floral Button Up Blouse: 

Flower Top

This girly button up blouse is fun, bright, and best of all, comfortable! The peplum flare of the top helps hide problem areas and draws the eyes to natural waistline. Fit for any body type, this top will make a flattering addition to any wardrobe. I paired this blouse with a pair of white jeans to bring out the rich hues of the florals. This outfit is perfect for a cool spring afternoon.

3.        Watercolour Peplum Dress: 

Floral Dress

Another one of Sarah Stevenson’s basic pieces that feature a splash of multicoloured botanics. The details along the collar, waist and front closure are decorative, without going over the top. I can picture myself wearing this dress in the office on a hot spring/ summer day; fashionable, vibrant, and striking – what more can a girl ask for!

4.        Ombre Watercolour Blazer: 

Floral Blazer

This ombre watercolour blazer is hands-down my favourite item of the entire collection. This item was so popular, that it sold out by the time I reached my closest Target location. Luckily there was one left in the change room put-backs pile – in my size too (it was a sign from above). I wanted this structured piece to speak for itself, so I paired it with a simple black tank top and leggings.

5.        Watercolour Red Hot Combo Pull-on Pants:  

Floral Pants

Extremely trendy for this upcoming spring season are the eclectic printed trouser-type pant. It is no wonder Sarah Stevenson would include them in her new collection. This red watercoloured pull-on pant is comfortable and easy to wear. Paired with a basic black or white t-shirt, this outfit prepares you for an enjoyable day out-on-the-town.

All Black Everything

All BlackWhat was that famous saying by Henry Ford? Oh yeah, “You can have it in any colour, as long as it’s BLACK!”

I have always been a fan of colour, but once in a while I’ll wake up feeling minimal. On days like these I like to go back to basics with the effortless “all black everything” look. Now, don’t try this on a hot summer day, but on cold winter days like today, it would seem more fitting. There is also just something so rocker chic about wearing black; it’s simple, classy, and sophisticated. Best of all, this look is extremely easy to achieve and I know a lot of you ladies are guilty of owning an entire wardrobe of black.

Here I am pictured wearing a floppy hat picked up off eBay, with a Rudsak Sophie jacket, a simple tank top and a sheer kimono. To accompany the outfit, I added leather Landyn leggings from BCBG and a pair of knee high boots from Forever21. Last but not least, to complete the look, a Phillip Lim for Target bag. I would do Henry Ford proud!

Spring 2014: Styling with Peter Pilotto

Peter Pilotto Fashion

Designer Peter Pilotto teamed up with Christopher de Vos to create their popular line of bright, funky, and fun clothing pieces. Their ability to contrast graphic prints with solid colours has put them in the forefront, making them the current talk of the fashion industry. The Target collaboration is the designer’s way of making the pieces more affordable and wearable for the general public, who’s more than willing to give the brand a try. Feminine cuts mixed with kaleidoscope patterned dresses make this collection perfect for soirée celebrations. There are also quite a few trendy tops, pants, and skirts that can be paired with other basic staples to build a complete wardrobe. You’ve already seen how I styled my floral, tulle-lined strapless dress for my Valentine’s Day evening look; here’s a lookbook of five other favourite pieces from the rest of the Peter Pilotto for Target collection.

1.        Floral, Asymmetric Skirt-Top Combo: I love this lightweight, cotton-blend decorative top. The twists of red, white, blue, and black makes it a great layering partner for the collection’s must-have graphic asymmetric skirt. I paired these together to make a fun evening-out look. With a pair of black laced heels and a chain shoulder bag, this look is complete.

2.        A-Line Belted Dress: This Pilotto floral dress features a vibrant blend of perfectly clashing yellow and blue patterns. It includes lace sleeves, a flowy knee length skirt, and a contrast black and white patent belt to accentuate the waistline. A seamless office-to-evening transitional piece; this dress offers style with convenience.

3.        High-Low, Crepe Dress: Garden-party pretty meets geometric in this next Pilotto feature. This sweet short-sleeved floral dress, highlighted with a high-low flowy train, embraces a more dramatic side with splashes of black and white strips and bold black trimming around the shoulders and sleeves. To finish the look, a black and white patent belt adds emphasis to any female figure.

4.        Geometric Belted Blazer: In honour of 2013 Fall’s biker jacket craze, Peter Pilotto took his own spin on the fashion trend by creating this Moto Jacket. Rough and rugged leather is swapped for a cherry print including navy & green colour blocking. Pilotto’s signature peplum helps this structured jacket hug your curves better than the traditional boxy biker alternative. Lastly, a belt at the natural waistline was added to once again, bring out those feminine curves.

I hope this lookbook gives you a better glimpse at some of the Peter Pilotto for Target pieces, even enough to interest you in purchasing a couple for yourselves. Although most of these pieces have sold out in stores, you can still find a few dotcoms who carry them. Target, Net-A-Porter, and eBay are some possible alternatives.

Valentine’s Day Look with Peter Pilotto

Valentines PostRobert Frost said that “love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired”. It can get a little tricky to dress for this celebrated affair. My advice is to keep it simple, classy, and refined.  Here’s my Valentine’s look for a special evening out with your loved one featuring my newest find by Peter Pilotto for Target.  Obviously V-day involves wearing a lot of red and pink, but I decided to mix it up with splashes of black and blue. This floral, flirty dress is festive and chic all in one cute little package. It includes a v-split neckline, black piping along the front and back, internal boning to give the dress structure, and a tulle lined skirt to add flare. I paired this dress with black-heart tights and an adorable pair of black kitten-heel pumps. Valentine’s Day here I come! Have a happy Valentine’s day.

More of my Peter Pilotto for Target finds up on the blog soon! Stay tuned for more.

Peter Pilotto: Target Adventures

Peter Pilotto

Once again Target teams up with another fashion designer to make a collection that WOWs us all. I am so thankful that Target finally came to Ottawa. Now, rather than dreaming of owning one these celebrated pieces, I can venture to the nearest Target location and try my hand at snagging a piece. Here’s the story of how I came to own several of the coveted Peter Pilotto for Target items. Read on to find out my step by step battle tactics.

February 9, 2014: Opening Day

·7:00am: alarm clock rings its annoying little tune, tempted to hit snooze until I realize why I was getting up early.

·7:25am: time to head out to meet my ride. Exhaustion and hunger hit me and I realize in my morning routine I forgot to have my coffee or breakfast (Mistake #1 – never forget coffee during early morning missions!).

·7:30am: get in the car and we are on our way. So blessed to have such sweet friends; not only did they get up earlier than me, but they went for a coffee and breakfast sandwich run. Nothing like a Starbucks vanilla latte to wake up in the morning.

·7:35am: Mistake #2 – we should’ve looked up driving directions to the Target before getting into the car.

·7:52am: made it to the Target parking lot in one piece with 8 minutes to spare! Only 4 or 5 other cars, we should be clear.

·8:00am: CLICK! The brash sound runs through the empty mall as the door slides open!

·8:01am: Everything is a blur, I begin to “powerwalk” (maybe I was running?) towards the bright, patterned, and neatly hung racks of Peter Pilotto goodness.

·8:15am: after 15 minutes of hand grabbing exercises, my friends and I have a handful of goodies to show for it. Looking around, the racks are beginning to look bare with only a couple items left behind.

·8:20am: (Cue in Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’) my girlfriends and I run in and out of our change rooms trying on outfits with little twirls in front of the mirror for the others to see.

·8:40am: Finally done with the change rooms and we are all happy with our choices.

·8:50am: Check-out time for a grand total of $340. Not bad considering I picked up 8 different outfits!

Summary of Key Tactics:

  1. Create a solid plan of attack including transportation method, direction, and timing.
  2. Get your cup of brew first thing in morning
  3. Dress in a tank top and leggings so you can easily try stuff on without having to go to the change rooms (it helps when line ups are long).
  4. Go with a group of friends – it makes things more interesting.
  5. Remember to grab! You can decide whether you actually want the item later, but you need a stock pile to choose from.
  6. DON’T forget to have fun!

If you’re not brave enough to endeavour the struggle on location, an alternative would be to shop in the comfort of your own home, online. is recognized for carrying these limited edition collections as soon as they become available in store. Check them out if you like this option better.

Good luck with your next adventures! Stay tuned for my next blog post where I will be revealing my latest finds!